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Flight Time From Days
DL7423 6:58 am INL Mon - Fri
DL7374 3:29 pm MSP Daily
DL7375 8:51 pm MSP Mon - Fri
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Flight Time To Days
DL7423 7:25 am MSP Mon - Fri
DL7374 3:55 pm MSP Daily
DL7375 9:16 pm INL Mon - Fri

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Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport

The Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport (BRD) is your ticket to low-cost, reliable air service in the Lakes Area. Business travelers and vacationers alike can experience the convenience of flying directly to and from Brainerd, spending less time driving. And parking is FREE! Avoid the typical three-hour drive you face every time you fly out of the Twin Cities, along with the high parking fees. The ample parking lot at the Brainerd Airport is safe, well-lit and conveniently located just steps outside the terminal doors.

SkyWest Airlines, a Delta Airlines partner, operates daily service. You are literally one stop away from thousands of locations worldwide. And donít forget the extra 200+ frequent flier miles you get per segment just for beginning and ending your trip at Brainerd.

Plus, the Brainerd Airport offers one of the more complete terminals north of the Twin Cities. A great restaurant, free wi-fi and many transportation options, such as rental car agencies, taxi cab services, and the county transit are ready to serve you. A variety of other aviation-related businesses, as well as a full-service fixed base operator, are also located at the Airport.
Teaching Brainerd to Fly - Full-time Pilot Instructor at Airmotive in the Brainerd Airport
Logo - Lakeland Public Television Teaching Brainerd to Fly:  Airmotive Pilot Instructor -  Lakeland News at Ten

Brainerd Airport Careers Tour Video
Logo - Lakeland Public Television Brainerd Airport Careers Tour - Lakeland News at Ten
Please arrive to the airport at least

prior to your scheduled flight departure time.
Laughlin Casino
Air & Room Packages

Fly direct from Brainerd to Laughlin for a 3- or 4-night stay.
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Learn what SkyWest and Delta allow to be carried on and any other related information like sizes, costs, and allowed items.


Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport
16384 Airport Rd, Suite 5 ∑ Brainerd, MN 56401-5852 ∑ 218-825-2166

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